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Laure & Camille

We spoke to co-founders of shoe brand Socque, Laure and Camille about their jewellery stories. Equipped with a disposable camera, they took us on a day in their lives.


  1. Tell us about yourself
    We are Laure and Camille, both Parisians, mothers to respectively three and two kids, and co-founders of the new shoe brand Socque Paris. After working in fashion and advertising for a couple of years, we decided to launch our brand together. We are making contemporary shoes for women, made in up-cycled leathers from luxury houses and sustainable materials.
  2. You have recently launched Socque - what advice would you give to someone looking to start their own brand?
    Laure: Just do it. Starting your own business definitely comes with its lot of challenges, but is so fun and rewarding day to day.

    Camille: don’t do it alone! We feel so lucky to have each other and to be surrounded by some amazing entrepreneurs, supporting and advising us through this journey (special mention to @Damasia and @Philippine from Daphine ❤).
  3. How did the two of you meet and decide to start working together?
    We’ve been friends since we were kids, and have always talked about our jobs and ideas…

    We have started working on this project quite naturally. We shared a similar vision for where to take this brand and both wanted to have an impact. We started to work on it while on maternity leave, in the middle of the pandemic. The more we were speaking about it, the more we were actually working on the project already. After six months, it was taking us more time than our actual jobs, so we both quit them!
  4. If you could only wear one thing ever again, what would it be and why?
    Laure: Well we definitely can't say I would say black loafers.

    Camille: I'd like to say a white shirt, my go-to outfit with a pair of jeans. But I'd have to go with a pair of Brighton boots (our very first style).
  5. What is your first jewellery memory?
    Camille: a black pearl my father gifted me when I was a child after a trip to Tahiti. I was so proud to own such a precious thing and fascinated nature could produce such a gem. Thinking that this little pearl used to be gleaming inside a shell felt magical to me (still does …).
  6. Is there a piece of jewellery that is particularly special to you? If yes, why?
    Laure: I’ve spent all of my summers with my family in Arcachon, in the South of France for as long as I can remember, and it still is my very happy place. Every woman of the family wears a birth medal of the town of Arcachon, and my daughters now wear it too. It links us all to each other and to our roots, wherever we are on the planet.
  7. Who are women who inspire you in your life?
    Laure: Women in my family, with whom I share the love for beautiful objects and small details.

    Camille: My mum, obviously. My friends, who are juggling their kids and their careers like champions. And so many of the women who’ve made history. Lately, I have been quite obsessed with Frida Kahlo whose biography I am reading. A beautiful example of talent, strength, freedom of mind and resilience… a huge source of inspiration.
  8. How would you describe your style?
    Timeless with a bit of boyish and vintage twist.
  9. When you think of Daphine what comes to mind?
    Romantic, simple, vintage yet contemporary, so relevant… We love how each piece has its own story and has been so carefully crafted and thought through.
  10. What are some of the lessons you have learned over the last year?
    Trust your instincts. Stay true to your convictions. Don’t be too impatient. And the most important one: ask for help, everyone has something to offer and bring.


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  1. Select an existing ring that fits the desired finger.
  2. Measure the internal diameter of the ring (in mm).
  3. Use the below chart to determine your ring size.
Inside Diameter UK EU US
14.05 mm F 44 3
14.36 mm G 45 3 ⅜
14.97 mm H 46 4
15.40 mm I 47 4 ¼
16 mm J 49 4 ¾
16.10 mm K 50 5 ¼
16.30 mm L 51 5 ¾
16.50 mm L ½ 52 6
16.90 mm M ½ 53 6 ¼
17.10 mm N 54 6 2⁄4
17.50 mm O 55 7
17.90 mm P 56 7 2⁄4
18.30 mm Q 57 8


Your ring should fit your finger comfortably, snug enough so that it will not fall off but loose enough to slide over your knuckle with some resistance.

For best results measure your finger size at the end of the day and when your fingers are their largest.

Don’t measure when your body temperature is either too cold or too hot. Only measure when fingers are at room temperature.

If you hesitate between two sizes, always go with the larger one.

If you are purchasing a wide band, you will be more comfortable moving up a half size from your measurement.