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Daphine was founded in London in 2018 by Damasia Ball and Philippine de Follin. Firm friends, they had bonded over a shared perfectionism, a love of simple, uncomplicated design, and the fact that they are both from families of strong women.
Endlessly inspired by the way their mothers, grandmothers and sisters adapt effortlessly to many roles, they decided to make jewellery that would do the same thing. Creating pieces that would accompany life’s joys and challenges – little luxuries that could be reached for again and again.


We believe in how a piece of jewellery can make you feel

Whether it’s a pearl to bring light to a dull morning or a pair of swishy earrings that make you want to dance, we design with one wish in mind – that you’ll find a piece in our collection that lifts your mood, and brings you comfort. A piece that fits, like the missing item from your wardrobe you’ve been searching for, forever.

We want our creations to be your daily companions, that won’t go out of fashion in a matter of months. Classic, timeless icons. For this reason, our collections explore the heritage design details that resonate now – giving them new, contemporary life.


There's a special kind of magic to something crafted by hand

That’s why all of our pieces are handmade in our atelier in Jaipur – an Indian city known for its long history of skilled craftsmanship and design. We are uncompromising in our commitment to working directly with local artisans, whose passion, dedication and care keeps quality as high as possible, while they are able to reap the full reward of their work. This also allows us to offer honest pricing – which, along with ethical sourcing and sustainable production, will always be our thing.


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  1. Select an existing ring that fits the desired finger.
  2. Measure the internal diameter of the ring (in mm).
  3. Use the below chart to determine your ring size.
Inside Diameter UK EU US
14.05 mm F 44 3
14.36 mm G 45 3 ⅜
14.97 mm H 46 4
15.40 mm I 47 4 ¼
16 mm J 49 4 ¾
16.10 mm K 50 5 ¼
16.30 mm L 51 5 ¾
16.50 mm L ½ 52 6
16.90 mm M ½ 53 6 ¼
17.10 mm N 54 6 2⁄4
17.50 mm O 55 7
17.90 mm P 56 7 2⁄4
18.30 mm Q 57 8


Your ring should fit your finger comfortably, snug enough so that it will not fall off but loose enough to slide over your knuckle with some resistance.

For best results measure your finger size at the end of the day and when your fingers are their largest.

Don’t measure when your body temperature is either too cold or too hot. Only measure when fingers are at room temperature.

If you hesitate between two sizes, always go with the larger one.

If you are purchasing a wide band, you will be more comfortable moving up a half size from your measurement.