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We spoke to Creative Consultant, Interior Designer and Co-Founder of Cocoon, Maya Taras-Nelson about her jewellery stories. Equipped with a disposable camera, she took us on a day in her life.


  1. Tell us about yourself
    Hi Daphine. I'm Maya, I'm 23 years old, I was born and raised in Manchester but I've lived in London for the last six years. I am the Co-Founder of Cocoon a designer handbag rental service, a freelance Creative Consultant and Interior Designer.
  2. You are a young entrepreneur, having co-founded bag rental company, Cocoon Club. What inspired you to launch your own business?
    I fell into it really, I moved here at 17 and worked in a front of house job for Soho House for a couple of years. I tried out a few roles including one where I got to really look after the members, it was a lot of schmoozing and a lot of fun. One member in particular took a liking to my character and ended up asking me to leave my job so that we could build a business together. I had a deep love and understanding of fashion, but they of course had far more experience than I do in the entrepreneurial world, and they really took me under their wing. I was 19 at this point and had no idea what I was doing. It gave me a fast track opportunity to understand the world of business and I just learnt it all as I went along. I'll be ever grateful to them for recognising my potential and for the priceless knowledge I learnt in that time - I hope to be able to do the same for a young entrepreneur some day.
  3. Do you have a favourite handbag?
    I have a vintage Fendi baguette that was passed down to me that I wear every single day, it's practically falling apart but I'll never let go of it. There's an amazing company called @therestory who helps us when the Cocoon bags start to look out of shape, I'll definitely be paying them a visit soon so that it can last forever :)
  4. Why is sustainability in fashion important to you?
    It's important to me because it's the only way forward. I feel hopeful that we're getting to a point in which it's almost 'uncool' to buy into unsustainable fashion practices. Consumers are valuing the brands making the real efforts to be sustainable and circular. We have to recognise that the industry is unsustainable by its nature, there will never be a truly sustainable way to buy more things, and we need to have a discerning eye for companies that try to 'green wash' us into thinking otherwise. I am however seeing an ever increasing number of my peers using and appreciating the amazing rental services we have access to here in London, and also the shift in mindset towards buying fewer things that are made well, are timeless, and keeping them forever. We've come a long way from the days of buying a new party dress every weekend!
  5. You are a Notting Hill local, just like us, what are some of your favourite undiscovered places in Notting Hill?
    I don't know what counts as undiscovered in Notting Hill anymore! But that's okay, Notting Hill deserves to be shared. My favourite quieter spots are the Lisboa Cafe, they do the best Portuguese tarts you'll get your hands on, and the Golborne Deli across the road for a glass of wine.
  6. If you could only wear one thing ever again, what would it be and why?
    I have a white pair of vintage Levi 501's that (again) are practically falling apart, but I just refuse to toss away. I've had them for over a decade and have got them repatched more times than I can count, but I just can't seem to part ways with them. They feel like a second skin at this point and are a well recognised part of my uniform. I could wear them everyday with pleasure.
  7. What is your first jewellery memory?
    I'm half St.Lucian, and I've had a traditional West Indian bangle on my left wrist since I was born. It's another thing I'll never part with. I'm normally a strictly gold jewellery girl, but I make an exception for this piece.
  8. Is there a piece of jewellery that is particularly special to you? If yes, why?
    Apart from the bangle above, I made a ring during a workshop with an amazing jeweller called Kismet Lola, we carved them out of wax and had them sent off to be made. It's a gold signet with a cheeky little winky face, the open eye is a Sapphire stone. It was such a great experience and has opened doors for the possibility of collaboration with some great jewellery brands as a part of my creative consultant work.
  9. Who are women who inspire you in your life?
    I really look up to an amazing woman called Jessie Andrews, she's an enigmatic young entrepreneur who is redefining what it means to be a 'modern woman', she does all things on her own terms and I really respect her for that. I'd love to work with her. Also, it's a classic but my mum, Paula. She's a real force of nature. She's the coolest and kindest person I've ever met. I want to be her when I grow up (lol)!
  10. How would you describe your style?
    Hmmnnm, I spend a lot of time differentiating between things that are and are not chic. So I'd like to be able to say that my style is!
  11. When you think of Daphine what comes to mind?
    Timeless, elegant and luxuriously heavy!
  12. What are some of the lessons you have learned over the last year?
    To lead with authenticity and love always - it's foolproof.


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  1. Select an existing ring that fits the desired finger.
  2. Measure the internal diameter of the ring (in mm).
  3. Use the below chart to determine your ring size.
Inside Diameter UK EU US
14.05 mm F 44 3
14.36 mm G 45 3 ⅜
14.97 mm H 46 4
15.40 mm I 47 4 ¼
16 mm J 49 4 ¾
16.10 mm K 50 5 ¼
16.30 mm L 51 5 ¾
16.50 mm L ½ 52 6
16.90 mm M ½ 53 6 ¼
17.10 mm N 54 6 2⁄4
17.50 mm O 55 7
17.90 mm P 56 7 2⁄4
18.30 mm Q 57 8


Your ring should fit your finger comfortably, snug enough so that it will not fall off but loose enough to slide over your knuckle with some resistance.

For best results measure your finger size at the end of the day and when your fingers are their largest.

Don’t measure when your body temperature is either too cold or too hot. Only measure when fingers are at room temperature.

If you hesitate between two sizes, always go with the larger one.

If you are purchasing a wide band, you will be more comfortable moving up a half size from your measurement.